A Work in Progress


After much encouragement from several friends and family, I’ve decided to finally put this blog into action!  Most likely, I will be giving a peak into my world!  I plan to post about things I am interest in, my home life, maybe share my artistic side, fashion recommendations, traveling adventures, and do some overall journaling!  My initial plan was to take a break away from social media and focus on people/things in my life needing attention.  The response, however, was quite different than what I expected!  When I initially posted on Facebook that my plan was to shut down my account for some time, I was overwhelmed when I awoke the next morning to over 30 texts, IM messages, and comments saying, “please no!!”  I truly was not expecting that reaction (I was actually not expecting much of a reaction at all!)  So here I am, very flattered and taking the first step in the world of blogging!



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